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making a important fill. >> the facts are very serious. >> the only person willing to talk to us about the case on camera. in court, prosecutors say gillette wanted to look at, and tried to touch the victim in a sexual way, prior to making the film. when no women showed up, the victim asked to leave. prosecutors say gillette refused, unless the victim performed a sex act. the prosecution says the victim took the keys to gillette's truck and tried to escape, the defense says the victim was trying to rob gillette of his truck. sources have confirmed gel et is under investigation for discharging his weapon at home in an incident that again includes a victim that was lure today the house to make a porn film. in fairfax, police are scrambling to find a man who has been slashing young women in their buttocks while they shop. >> it is an unusual case. >> reporter: take a close look
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at these newly released surveillance photographs. investigators say he's hispanic, about 5'6", and heavy set. he allegedly distracts his young female victims while they shop, and then he strikes his target. >> it's disconcerting. it is painful, and you feel that your space has been violated. >> reporter: a criminal profiler tells 9 news, the suspect may have a sexual disorder called peekorism. a person finds gratification by stabbing or cutting a person in a sexual area. if you owe the government a lot of money from outstanding parking tickets, the department of transportation wants to make a deal with you. >> that's andrew green on the run. while inside the dmv today to pay parking tickets, he got another ticket, and to boot,
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andrew green is having his car toed. >> what do you owe now? >> another $50. i just paid them $100. >> reporter: ironically, on the very day the d.c. government was announcing that six month amnesty program beginning august 1. >> we're looking at a 50% savings for you all, the customers and residents. >> reduce your old parking tickets, citations for moving violations and photo enforcement violations and all late penalties will be waived. they hope to collect over $6 million, the district is owed $245 million. the time is running out for folks working at walter reed medical center, which is closing. our peggy fox was at the facility today for a big
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ceremony. >> reporter: under the flags of water reed medical center, generations of soldiers have received care until now. sean kitchen measure lost his lower right leg in afghanistan. since june, he says he's received excellent care here at walter reed and is sorry to see it go. >> this place has provided care for so many people over the years. it's a bummer it's closing down. >> no room to expand to meet the changing needs. >> reporter: the army's golden knight's parachute team added some excitement to a melancholy atmosphere. >> we're absolutely thrilled we've had so many people come out. 100 years of service to soldiers, coast guardsmen and their families. >> reporter: in a ceremony called casing the colors, the walter reed army medical center's flag was rolled up by
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the center's command sergeant major, marking the inactivation of the unit. >> it was sad. >> it was the end of a very hisser to -- historical era. >> reporter: water reed will no longer be a hospital, but the name will carry over to bethesda hospital. >> make the extra effort to make them understand what it means to be on land, and doing a great job. i know everything will be all right. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now. >> the army has been expanding the naval hospital in bethesda to accommodate the increase in patients. the army also built a new hospital and in september, the old site will go to d.c. and the state department. metro wants to help some of the more than 600,000 folks being relocated next month. so today, the transit agency announced a new bus route
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between the pentagon and the complex which is off i395. the 7-m, as in man line will run every ten minutes during rush hour, and every 15, during offpeak hours. the service is expect today start on august 8. the pain at the pump has been subsiding just a bit in recent weeks. today, the national average is down to $3.69. around here, we're still paying and average of $3.91. before you start to grown, consider this, when it comes to the amount we actually spend on gas in moonlet, our area actually ranks among the lowest. according to, folks in d.c., spend $112 a month. that make it is 48 out of 50. arlington was 44th on the list at $29 a month. in our area, alexandria ranks highest at 23rd. where people spend about $160 a month on gasoline.
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the biggest gas guzzlers are in san jose where drivers spend an average of $216 a month. did you make it outside today? i hope so, because the heat and humidity are coming back. >> the color of the sky today was a spectacular blue. almost as clear as i've seen it in the months of summer. the humidity is on the way back, but not tonight. temperatures right now are warm. but it's not humid out. 90 in leesburg. 87 hagerstown, 87 in martinsberg. for tonight, we're in pretty good shape. clear skies, comfortable, open your windows if you're out in the burbs. we'll come back and tell you when the humidity returns, when the searing heat returns and a look at the tropics. now that the nfl lockout has been lifted, teams are all scrambling around trying to make some moves before training camp gets started. dave owen spent the day at redskins park, following the action. >> reporter: a major move on
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wednesday. donovan mcnabb to minnesota. >> i would be lying to say i wasn't surprised or i wasn't shocked. the whole redskin nation was. >> reporter: mcnabb played 161 games in a fringe hall of fame career. they bet he will do everything in his power to erase the last 13 from the redskins. >> a stand up guy. loved him dearly. he was a leader in our locker room. that leaves john beck, rex grossman, and a lot of other question marks. the team added clemens today. the skins acquired a trio of wide receivers. why wouldn't anthony armstrong in 20 yards per catch were 3rd best in the league last year. >> i take it as if i'm not doing my job well enough. >> what do you think about all
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the redskins moves, and what about dealing donovan mcnabb? let me know in mcginty's mail back. or you can can join in the conversation on the facebook page. still to come, the debt ceiling debate. is there a magic bullet that could solve the problem? first, a brave new mission. we'll take a look at where nasa is heading next.
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nasa is setting its sights on jupiter. next month, the juneau spacecraft will blast off, and try to find the origins of the giant gas planet. it will orbit jupiter 36 times. a lawsuit that tried to end the funding of embryonic stem cell research has been thrown out. that will allow the government to keep searching for cures for diseases. the lawsuit claimed the research violated a law that prohibits taxpayer financing for work that harms an embryoo. but the research allows work on embryos collected through private funding. some would say this appears to be unrelated to the overall
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debt limit negotiations. i would beg to differ. >> we will take a closer look at the connection between the debt ceiling and faa furloughs.
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this is a dangerous game of chicken that the republicans are playing. it used to be my way or the
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highway. now it's my way or the runway. >> that was the sentiment today from several house members. 4,000 faa employees have been furloughed for five days. congresswoman eleanor holmes says she's hoping to have it it rolfed by the end of the week. -- resolved by the end of the week. jim morean says its indicative of how business is run these days. >> it should be a warning of how irresponsible the leaders and the majority are. >> folks, we've got to hold the line. we've got to stand strong. we can't let down the people who elected us last november. >> members of the tea party were rallying just outside capitol hill today with just six days to go, before the united states begins to default
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on its debt. today, wall street expressed its displeasure with the lack of compromise. the dow falling 200 points. the s & p 500 lost 27 points today. there are those out there that say the president does not need the nod from congress to raise that debt limit. the house is asking the president to invoke the 14th amendment. there's a clause in there . he writes a column for role call called fiscal fitness. he is a democrat that was this close to being omb directer ender this administration. let's say the president decided to do that, how would it work? >> the first thing you need to
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know, we're not really sure, since no one has invoked this section. essentially, the president would get up on august 3, and make an announcement that says, either congress couldn't get its act together, or wouldn't get its act together on the debt ceiling, so i'm ordering the secretary to borrow whatever we need, so we can meet our bills. >> is that legal? could that work? >> the answer is, we don't know. there's been one case throughout u.s. history since that amendment came into existence. several points, the fact that it's never been tested before, doesn't mean it would be unconstitutional for the president to do this. number 2, it might end up in the courts, but it might not. number 3, there would be a political response. the congress, particularly the republicans would feel the president pulled out the rug from them and would almost
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start an impeachment proceeding immediately. >> do you think they could do it? would they do it? >> i wrote about this on my blog several weeks ago, i said, if it got desperate, to the point where congress couldn't get its act together, my guess is the president would be willing to take extraordinary measures, even if he didn't want to. >> let's talk about the tea party for a moment. you're a democrat, but you say michele bachmann called you, and had you come speak to them about these issues months ago and the conversation, much of it was about this debt limit. >> february 28, i addressed the tea party caucus. it was based on a column i wrote, january 11 about the debt ceiling. they had me come in, and talk about the debt ceiling. everything that's happened since then was preordained, or foretold from what i said at that meeting.
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said to the tea party supporters, you must not vote for an increase. we don't trust john boehner and they're going to have to prove to us they're one of us and saying, we have to negotiate until the very last minute. guess what's happening? >> let's see if they stick to that plan to never vote for a debt increase. let get out for a check on our forecast. >> we have tropical storm don now. you can see him moving across cancun here. it's a minimal strength storm. it's going to move into the gulf of mexico. there is some sheer. it's going to end up being a strong storm or a minimal strength hurricane before it makes land fall in texas over the weekend. this is good news, it will break the heat wave. winds right now, maximum sustained winds are 40. gusts are 50. movement is west-northwest at
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about 11 miles per hour. 90 right now downtown, amp a high of 93. 93 still in manassas. here's the deal. the humidity will slowly return. sunny for your morning commute. heating up with more humidity. we get into friday, and record highs are possible. yes, we're going to be flirting with 100 degrees once again on friday. not as hot as last friday. career and come fortable -- clear and comfortable tonight. open your windows in the burbs. light winds. downtown, low and mid-70s. you go outside the beltway, 65 in gaithersburg, that's pretty nice. down to the south, still in the low 70s. to the west, comfortable. breaston, fairfax, upper 60s. sterling and leesburg in the mid-60s. now tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, very warm by noon.
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temperatures in the 70s and 80s. air quality code orange. that is unhealthy air. if you have a respiratory problem, you should stay indoors. by afternoon, partly cloudy, hot, and humid. dry, between 95 and 90 winds south-southwest at 10. 85 to 90 by lunchtime. 90 to 95, yes, more humid by 5:00. but dry. the next three days, we're talking 99 on friday. record highs are possible. record high is 99 at national. and 96 on saturday. only isolated thunderstorms. next seven days, good news, a better chance for scattered storms on sunday and monday. consequently, temps a little lower, back in the lower 90s. back into the mid-90s though on tuesday. an ace lighted -- isolated storm possible. we're going to keep it dry next friday. temperatures back into the upper 90s, partly cloudy skies. it's here for a while. they say the rich are not
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like you and me, so then, why should they drive golf carts like the rest of us pesants either? to utah, where a company makes luxury golf carts that look pretty fancy. check out this red roller. sort of reminds you of a ferrari, it's supposed to. costs around $35,000. but it does come with alloy wheels and leather seats and can go 20 miles per hour. all right, if that doesn't buzz your fuzz, they've got that bentley right there, and of course a rolls. as the company's owner once said, nobody really needs a fancy italian sports car, but life sure is better when you have one.
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♪[ music ] don't forget, start your day with 9 news now. they've got the news, the traffic, and the weather you need every weekday morning. it starts at 4:25 a.m. in the mail bag tonight,
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the debate. i do not think any child under the age of 18 should be on the streets after midnight. why any parent would leave them out is beyond me. this isn't what parents allow. deb says when i was young, we were supposed to be in by 11:00 p.m. kids at that age, still think they're immortal, and don't think bad things will happen to them. but that isn't the case. the world has changed and that police chief is right on. that's talking about the montgomery county chief. there was a little more debate on the facebook page. saying it's not up to the government to tell you what time your kids need to be home. it's the parents responsibility to have the kids home at a decent time. even on facebook, most were reluctant curfew supporters. if parents put one on their kids, their kids would live in a parent state, not a police state, but i think it's
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necessary that the parents do it. police seem to think the curfew is worthwhile, but you kind of expect them to feel that way as well. on balance, it might help some. but just like stephanie said, i'm just less and less comfortable with the government telling us what to do, unless it's absolutely necessary. you tell us. that is our report tonight, i'll be back here tonight with anita brikman. don't forget to log on anytime to we'll see you later. bye bye. ♪ [ music ] [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play.
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you never know who you'll run into. get started at this is "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> if drugs didn't kill amy winehouse, what did? the latest on the investigation today. could a seizure have caused her death? plus, what's inside her will? who will get her millions. >> george clooney for president. >> either we are going to lead the world or bury our heads in the sand. >> his campaign adviser, ryan gosling and the scandal that can take them down. it's the first look at the "ides of march." >> olivia newton john's daughter -- >> her past battle with anorexia. >> what did your mom think of the video. >> leann rimes husband, eddie cibrian, undressed, in a bathtub, nearly naked in the pool.

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